All kind


The 46 sacred symbols and sacred spells of motherly power and wisdom were received 1996 and 1999 by guided writing and painting.
When they became connected with one another we received the task:
'Share them with the sisters and bring them home.'

In following this task we left in the year 2000 sweden
and travelled to canada, the usa, new zealand and australia
until we returned to germany in 2005.
In all places we were guided to
we shared the 46 sacred symbols with sisters in sacred circles.

2008 the '46 sacred symbols and spells of the mothers' were published in germany together with the wisdom book of the mothers
('To love again and agian') which contains a collection of safe guarded sacred wisdom of the mothers of different cultures and nations for the healing of humanity.
The 46 sacred symbols of the mothers reflect on one level ancient knowledge to the 46 chromosomes of our DNA.
The symbols were given for the healing collaboration in sacred circles.
for the healing of humanity and mother earth with all her children.