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About us

Anomatey (62 years) and Rakuna (54 years) (Motherland)

We are both mothers and grandmothers of altogether three daughters and four granddaughters.
We are women from eastern Germany and we were engaged
in the peace movement the women’s movement and the occupation
of the national state security service in our region.
We were working as psychotherapists, psychiatrist/neurologist
to support tortured wom(b)en.
1996/99 we were entrusted with 46 sacred symbols and spells of motherly power, that reflect ancient spiritual knowledge of the mothers as well as our sacred inborn heritage
of the DNA. Those signs were given to support the healing of humanity in sacred circles.
1997 we left our professions and our home country Germany to dedicate ours lives fully to the research and understanding of maternal/matriarchal healing wisdom for humanity and the earth.
We moved in a remote little swedish village - 4 years researching, studying, remembering the wisdom of the mothers.
From 2000 - 2005 we were traveling through canada, usa, new zealand, australia to connect with wom(b)en sisters to share and exchange sacred healing wisdom of the mothers for the healing
of all wounds. We met, prayed and shared in circle with sisters
where ever we were guided to go and to be.
While being in New Zealand we were ordained as priestesses for the sacred wom(b)en's mysteries from an wise and old Sufi-masheika.
Over 15 years we were researching bits and pieces of the safeguarded healing wisdom of the mothers and grandmothers of the different cultures on earth.
2005 we returned to Germany to put together all knowledge we were entrusted with in our mother tongue.
Now the 46 sacred symbols and spells of motherly power and the belonging knowledge as well as the collection of motherly wisdom of different cultures (’To love again and again
- the power and wisdom of motherliness for the healing of humanity’) are published.
A collection of prayers to the Eternal Mother of all from people
all over the world, that we gathered while travelling,
will be published in this summer.
Another manuscript "To reinforce the nine sacred rights of life "
describes the wounds of earth and all her children through the patriarchal destruction and offers spiritual knowledge of the mothers/grandmothers of the world for the ways of healing.
Our very last research concerns prophecies and knowledge around 2012 out of the view of the mothers ("2012- the end of reason - ways of healing for humanity") ...
We have seeded grandmother circles with the intention to bring them into every town and every village in Germany to weave a strong healing web - it grows slowly but permanently as mother nature does.. ...
Through blessing circumstances we have sets of the 46 sacred symbols of motherly power to give them away as a gift to not german speaking women sisters. We are grateful to be able to connect with you and weave together the healing web of motherliness
- for the good of all.
With love and joy and sisterly care
Rakuna and Anomatey


Deutschland / Germany
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