All kind


The earth is our mother and home of a great community
of unique beings, whose siblings we are.
All of us are children of the earth,
daughters and sons of the Great Mother.
Life is a circle in which all beings have their sacred places.
The original message of the holy circle is to love ourselves
so that we can live together in love.
Circles are the sources of being connected and whole,
and the seed of a living community.
Life on Mother Earth is threatened by destruction,
war dominates all phases of life.
The scarcity of motherly energy and wisdom lead to the loss of cordial connections and living communities – almost all over the world.
We, as humans, are now asked to take on our responsibility for life.
This demands, that we stop now and remind ourselves of our humanity and truly live it – with all our power in every moment.
As humans we have to mature in mind and soul
– no longer to own and accumulate.
It is our responsibility as humans to respect, honor and preserve
the sacredness of all life, as well as to justly share with each other the gifts of the earth which equally belong to all beings.
All selfish use injures the net of life.
What we don’t use to the benefit of all, deprives other humans
and living beings of their legitimate life energy.
If we only take as much from the earth as we give back to her,
her gifts will suffice for all descendants.
Presently there exists only one correct action:
to work together in love and truth for the well-being of all.
To heal mankind and the earth by working together in sacred circles out of motherly energy is the desire of our hearts.
Energy connected in love, truth and devotion always amplifies
its effect: what is given collectively in the stillness of the circle in loving devotion is promptly and powerfully manifested in the world
and is able to clear polluted water, to convert violence, to stop tornadoes and much more.
This energy is the greatest human power,
which can even extract water in the desert.
The healing we need, originates In the sacred circle.
The time of separation and destruction by patriarchy comes to an end and, in the hearts of the people, the time for love, truth
and righteousness has already begun.
It is time to finally take on joint responsibility for life for the best
of all and to act accordingly:
for each woman and each man in every moment,
on every spot on Mother Earth.
Together we transform all commanding power.
This is our responsibility as people in this time.
Yet the necessary and yearned for change will only come about,
if we leave behind comfort, despondency, self-doubt and the feeling
of helplessness and to stop our own share in the destruction .
We are all responsible for what we do, for all that we think, dream
and shape. And also for what we fail to do…
Whenever life is threatened or injured,
it is our sacred duty to tend and protectively interfere.
The sacredness of all life wants to be dependably protected from violence.
All people yearn for truth, love and unity in a living community.
When once again we join, we are whole.
If we dare to give attention to the overall threatening destruction,
we will together find ways of healing.
- since within the wounds the magic is rooted.
If we entrust ourselves to the power of change,
we too will be transformed, healed and live joyfully.
Love is healing and healing is love.
There is the greatest urgency, even though everything will pass
in its own time…
We beg all people in this divided world to come together again
as siblings with peace and love in the heart – before it is too late.
Let us now together heal all relationships and all wounds.
We have nothing to loose but loneliness, injustice and fear,
violence and destruction.
And together we can win again the real life:
in true community respecting and protecting all of life.
Let us do this together and for each other
These changes ask for courage in order to persever,
and test ourselves to the core in all we have ever known.
They ask of us to live our sacred truth in each moment
– with all our power.
Women birth and nourish the children, mankind and life itself.
Men are called to use the life energy bestowed upon them by their mothers to again protect reliably the women, the children,
the community and the life itself
We meet again in the circle of love in awareness of the power
of the Great Mother bestowed upon us.
We combine the unique gifts and skills bestowed upon us in order
to find together ways of healing for the wounds of mankind
as well as the earth and her creatures.
In this unity we finally take into our hearts and hands the sacred responsibility of our ancestors for the reliable protection of life.
In the circle we share with each other what touches us deeply
in our hearts.
We open ourselves in the stillness to the sacred motherly wisdom
of our souls.
We rediscover together the paths of healing.
We multiply our inborn “first motherly” energy in the stillness
by singing, dancing and praying in order to together bring about
the necessary changes.
We weave together, the grandmothers and mothers, sisters and daughters, the net of healing which steadily nourishes all circles
of energy at all places.
We invite our sons, brothers, fathers, uncles and grandfathers
to work together with us in sacred circles for the healing.
We all are the ones we have been waiting for.
to share together – to heal together.
To honor life together – to nourish love together.