All kind



The energy of the Symbols and Words of Truth have accompanied our live for many years.
If possible, we start and end each day with a circle in which we share what has touched our hearts and with an attunement open ourselves to the path that needs to be taken.
At the end of the attunement (gathering in silence),
we choose one of the Symbols which, by way of reflection
will stimulate us on our path to more awareness.
Everything given from the heart during the silence will be strengthened and nourished through the energy of All-Mother.
Basically the Symbols and Words of Truth represent an ancient way
of reflecting, which can lead to a deeper awareness
and therefore to more energy in life
– provided that we live in accordance with our own truth.
Each and everyone may then use the Symbols in their own way
to the benefit of all beings.
The Symbols and Words of Truth of All-Mother develop their greatest energy within the circle of dedication, where people combine their own unique energy for the benefit of the whole.
The Symbols and Words of Truth originate
– as far as we can understand it at present –
out of the joint motherly wisdom of humankind.
They were given to mankind for the necessary changes
in this era of destruction.
Their inherent wisdom opens the path for people in a circle of devotion to mutually evoke the necessary changes for the benefit of all.
The preserved energy within them fully reveals itself only in a circle and most deeply when people meet regularly in such a circle
of devotion.


We come together in a in a quiet place and sit in a circle,
if possible we all sit on the floor.
The 46 Symbols will be places face down in a circle in the center.
At the beginning we will have a period of silence in order to concentrate our thoughts a become aware of our feelings (as messengers of the soul).
Then we share that from the heart
which strongly moves us at the moment.
When we speak, we pick up the “talking stick”,
or – stone or whatever symbol agreed upon -
and replace it in the center when we have made our statement.
Each one speaks when she or he feels ready to do so.
If someone does not want to say anything,
they do this by picking up the talking stick silently and replacing it.
After all within the circle have spoken from the heart,
we close the eyes and combine our voices in sound (chanting).
This connects us to our feelings and relieves the thoughts.
After the chanting we become silent.
In the silence we follow our heart
which will lead us to the sacred truth of our soul.
Whatever comes up or fades away in the silence,
is a sacred gift of the moment.
When our inner search is finished or if we come to the point
where we would want more clarity or we wish for more understanding, we open our eyes and choose (by sight or using our hands)
one of the Symbols, which we place face down in front of us.
After everyone in the circle has chosen a Symbol,
using the talking stick, we again start to share from the heart
what we have experienced during the silence.
(If necessary by the sounding bowl we may gently bring those back into the circle who are still in the silence.)
After this we all turn our Symbols over and each one reads
the respective Words of Truth
or has someone else in the circle read them.
In this first term within the circle out of the unique shared truth
from our hearts we may begin to gain confidence in each other.
(In a morning circle or get-acquainted-circle the gathering may end here by once again joining hands in attunement, or by singing together.)
If we want to combine the energy collected within the circle,
everyone looks for the line of Words of Truth from the chosen Symbol that touched the heart most deeply. Thereafter the Symbols will be replaced in the center of the circle, face down.
The chosen lines will be noted down and read out loud as a sign of the combined energy of the circle.
Thereafter we will once more be silent and open ourselves to the sacred truth of our soul in awareness of our close connection.
(This period of silence is usually shorter than the one before.)
Following the period of silence, once again a Symbol may be chosen if there is the desire for more clarity.
After that we share again from the heart that which revealed itself in the silence out of our combined energy.
Most often it will now become clear that the main focus is
that connects the energy of those within the circle.
In order to nourish the life net with this combined and multiplied energy we articulate a common intend with which we want to send
the bundled energy into the life net.
For that we once again join hands in a silence in which the connected collected awareness will nourish the collected intend to the benefit
of all that is alive.
Thereafter the circle will be ended in silence
or by combined singing of a song or with a sacred circle dance.
People who gather regularly in a circle of devotion and together intensify their work with the energy of the Symbols and Words of Truth will receive additional messages regarding the mechanism
of the energy of interaction through the connection
of the singular drawn Symbols within the basic pattern of the triangle.
In this triangle the following basic patterns may be perceived:
1. 4 triangles of equal size,
each with 10 Symbols and the row of the five.
2. Three triangles inside one another
3. Two rhombuses inside one another
with two triangles of equal size
4. As well as various small patterns:
honeycomb shapes, triangles, crosses, mirrored pairs.